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To: All High School Staff, Teachers, and Administration
From: Susanne Guske, President High School PTC Alice Purdy, Treasurer High School PTC
Date: 1 June 2015
Subj: Request for PTC funds

The HS PTC has funds available for your use in classrooms, clubs, trips, library, athletics, the arts or any other endeavors that benefit students.

To submit a request, please complete the attached “Request for Funding” Form. This form can be used for ANY type of request. Completed forms can be returned to Alice Purdy electronically at or dropped in the PTC mailbox in the Main Office.

Any request should be (or should already have been) made to SCS administration. This is to both make the administration aware of the need and to see if funds are available there.

Please insure that the no. of students impacted, or who are expected to benefit from the request, is noted. This should include students from other schools, e.g., the middle school, for any requests that assist more than just HS students. You may attach any documentation or additional information, links etc. to help explain the request. It is also important that we know when funds are required and the specific payee.

We will review requests and do our best to make a determination in June as to whether all, or part, of the requested amounts can be granted. If funding is provided, the PTC may request receipts or other documentary evidence of the expenditures.

Please submit all funding requests by Monday, June 15th.

The PTC very much looks forward to assisting our hard working teachers, staff and administration and hopes to make additional opportunties available for students that might not otherwise occur.

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